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12:34 Redmine Help: RE: Ruby help needed

I realized that there is already existing function progress_bar() to do the job. I'm now just missing the way to pa...
11:56 Redmine Help: Ruby help needed
I would like to add a simple macro to add progression table in wiki pages; the issue is I don't know anythi...


10:25 Redmine Help: RE: Checkbox in Issue list

Smashing! Although I agree right click is indeed not intuitive on web application.
Thank you for the tips.


20:00 Redmine Feature #988 (Closed): A new redmine link to include issue title
The Link to an issue: !#124 only display the issue index number; A new link that display the issue title instead of (...
19:43 Redmine Help: Checkbox in Issue list

I can't figure out what is the use of the checkboxes on the left side of issue entry in the issue list.
Is ther...
19:37 Redmine Help: Style in exported HTML documents

When you export wiki pages to HTML format, the css style is not exported, and the result page is ugly and even not ...
19:32 Redmine Help: Anchors in wiki pages

Is there a way to use anchorage in wiki pages ? For instance, I want to have a glossary page that contain all words...
19:22 Redmine Help: Multiple Target version for an issue ?
I'm using Redmine to manage a software with different branches (eg. dev and stable). Some issues (bugs or feat...
17:22 Redmine Help: Minor textile issues
I'm running the 0.7rc1 and I noticed few textile (minor) issues:
* footnote references @sample[2]@ are not working...

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