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09:05 Redmine Help: RE: Associated Revision
Thanks to Adam ┼╗ochowski,problem is solved.
> click administration -> settings -> repositories .
> There you wi...


15:34 Redmine Help: RE: Associated Revision
I'm adding #nnn in the subversion comments, but that version does not appears in the issue page. I do not see any "A...
15:13 Redmine Feature #2009: Manually add related revisions
Geoffrey Sneddon wrote:
> Currently the only way to add a related revision to a ticket is through a magic string in ...
15:04 Redmine Help: Associated Revision
What commands should I add to comment area at subversion revision area in order to associate new revision with a spec...


08:50 Redmine Feature #3737 (Closed): Enabling to Remove Default Fields in New Project Creation
When we are creating new projects, we can add custom fields, but we are not allowed to remove default ones. It would ...
08:35 Redmine Feature #3736 (Closed): Adding Label to Custom Fields
It would be very nice to add a label entity to custom fields selection, so by using labels we can group custom fields...


15:25 Redmine Help: Complicated Custom Fields
Is there any way to create Complicated Custom Fields in redmine?
For example
1-) A field with both date and text....

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