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15:13 Redmine Patch #3387: Add plugins to script/about
Gregor Bader wrote:
> +1
> But it would be nice if this information is displayed on the /admin/info page.
+1 to ...
Ollivier Robert


16:20 Redmine Feature #779: Multiple SCM per project
I have the case where the primary repo is in CVS on and my fork is on mercurial on another server. Being ...
Ollivier Robert


18:52 Redmine Feature #3030: [#2614] one can not change the repository in Setting/Repository, just delete
What do you mean by changing "defect" into "feature"? That it is not currently possible or that it is not designed t... Ollivier Robert


16:27 Redmine Feature #3030 (New): [#2614] one can not change the repository in Setting/Repository, just delete
In all my projects (and others as well) on, I can not modify the SCM type/path in Settings/Repo... Ollivier Robert


17:23 Redmine Defect #2007: Amount of memory
Well, just after startup, all instances take at least 120 MB of RAM before seeing any traffic at all...
roberto 2...
Ollivier Robert


15:47 Redmine Patch #2029: New option that makes emails plain text.
+1, it is nice to have an option for that. Ollivier Robert


11:57 Redmine Defect #2007 (Closed): Amount of memory
It may be a Rails issue in general but I can't help to notice the high memory footprint of redmine. I run it with th... Ollivier Robert


14:32 Redmine Feature #339: perforce SCM support
Speaking for perforce which I used for 5 years before moving to Arch then Hg, anyone can obtain a free license for fr... Ollivier Robert


00:22 Redmine Defect #999 (Reopened): File size is shown as "?" when browsing an Hg repository
It seems that some changes since the closing of the ticket have reintroduced the problem.
I can not give you access ...
Ollivier Robert


15:20 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How do you have Ruby and Rails installed?
Have you tried with thin instead of mongrel? Ollivier Robert

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