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13:38 Redmine Patch #14013 (Closed): Pg 8.4 support for Run charts
When trying to display run charts on redmine with pg backend, the query causes syntax error:
Marcin Krol


17:38 Redmine Patch #13665: atom available on wiki page footer
oops, sorry it appears I've mad bad paste from git diff, a line was truncated. I attach corrected version. Marcin Krol
17:29 Redmine Patch #13665 (New): atom available on wiki page footer
Normally atom syndication is not available at Wiki page footer (only PDF|TXT|HTML pages to save), this patch adds thi... Marcin Krol
17:35 Redmine Help: RE: RSS/Atom for Wiki pages
Although this patch is dated and does not reflect current redmine code, it led me down the right path, so...
Marcin Krol
17:31 Redmine Patch #13666 (Closed): wiki edits, wiki comments and messages turned on by default on activity page
Only first two options are turned on by default at Activity page, while most users at smaller and more active wikis w... Marcin Krol


16:02 Redmine Help: RSS/Atom for Wiki pages
There's Atom for news, but is it possible to add Atom for Wiki pages? Marcin Krol

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