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10:37 Redmine Feature #1689: Tab Width
Kornelius Kalnbach wrote:
> I'd say you just abandon tabs :)
Over my dead body.
> But maybe a per-language set...


00:06 Redmine Feature #1689: Tab Width
Now, even more cool!
Add the following to @lib/redmine/core_ext/string/conversions.rb@...
02:53 Redmine Feature #1689: Tab Width
I have found an even better way of converting tabs to spaces. This respects tab _stops_, which is the concept that a...


07:52 Redmine Patch #2525: Redmine management of Git repositories
Markus May wrote:
> +1 for inclusion into 0.9 :-)
0.9 has gone under feature freeze. Maybe if it's cleaned up in...


09:08 Redmine Feature #1689: Tab Width
Just an update...
I have found that by modifying the following lines of code:


22:52 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine Squeejee theme - v.0.2.0 released
CSS edits to get rid of evil annoying horizontal scrollbars that reliably showed up on Safari 4:
In @squeejee/styl...


03:42 Redmine Defect #4243 (Closed): {{include}} macro mangles HTML entities in <pre> blocks
Use of the include macro garbles HTML entities (specifically < and > characters that I noticed).
Steps to repeat:


07:27 Redmine Patch #2525: Redmine management of Git repositories
The settings file says "Serve GIT repositories using Redmine's SSH account." For those of us using Passenger, will t...


23:14 Redmine Patch #2525: Redmine management of Git repositories
+ 1
I'm looking forward to this.


20:42 Redmine Wiki edit: HowTos (#26)
Added a link to my site at the suggestion of JPL.

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