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23:37 Redmine Open discussion: looking for maintainers for Redmine Java library
I am looking for redmine people interested in maintaining Redmine Java API library (


19:41 Redmine Defect #35039: API create issue relation method returns undefined method `split' when issue id is...
hi Marius! would you also be interested in redmine-java-api library maintenance? feel free to submit PRs at https://g...


19:21 Redmine Feature #33418: Bulk addition of related issues
side note - if Redmine REST API supported returning some "server info", the clients could at least choose what json b...
19:16 Redmine Wiki edit: Rest_api_with_java (#19)
19:02 Redmine Feature #33418: Bulk addition of related issues
hi everyone! I am the owner of redmine-java-api project (
I get a s...


05:45 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Java Rest API, unable to fetch issue by issue id
check your redmine URL
check your permissions
check if REST API is enabled in your Redmine install.
these are 3 po...
05:42 Redmine Help: RE: How to get all the issues with Java Api - I didn't get all the issues following the doc...
you can set page size:
RedmineManager mgr = RedmineManagerFactory.createWithApiKey(uri, apiAccessKey);


23:21 Redmine Feature #7487: change "author" field format to have login, fname, lname instead of ambiguous "ful...
if anyone is working on REST API, is it possible to make this improvement? this can be made in a backward-compatible ...


19:17 Redmine Open discussion: TaskAdapter v.3 release: Redmine-JIRA two-way integration with custom fields
hi all!
we released a new version of TaskAdapter app, which now supports 2-way sync between JIRA and Redmine,


18:48 Redmine Help: RE: how to use multi-fields search for issues in REST api?
I found this combination of params to work:...

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