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22:24 Redmine Defect #18953 (New): Bulk edit issues does not update Status drop down
When trying to bulk edit issues, I'm seeing that the Status drop down is not getting updated when I change the projec...


05:22 Redmine Defect #18777 (Closed): Moving column to top of "Select Columns" results in loss of all other col...
Workflow to reproduce:
# choose a parent project that has sub-projects, click in Issues
# by default, six columns...


14:14 Redmine Feature #8016: Drag-and-drop issue (ticket) ordering


15:34 Redmine Feature #5875: Changes to child estimates should trigger journal entries for the parent estimate
I am not sure I agree with just creating a journal entry. My use case is as follows: I have higher level estimates o...


03:57 Redmine Feature #6386 (Closed): Issue mail should render the HTML version of the issue details
The view issue_edit.text.html.rhtml should use the HTML version of show_detail(). The current implementation looks l...
03:51 Redmine Feature #6385 (Resolved): Issue mailer displays journal entries different from issue_helper.show_...
sorry for the static, you can close this issue. I confused the fields for the issue with the fields for the journal....


21:02 Redmine Feature #6385 (Closed): Issue mailer displays journal entries different from issue_helper.show_de...
The issue mailer views just enumerate issue fields whereas the show_details() method is more robust and can be overri...
19:59 Redmine Feature #6383 (New): modifying flash from model hooks
It doesn't currently seem possible to modify the flash[:notice] (or any other type) from a model hook. In controller...


02:43 Redmine Feature #746: Versioned issue descriptions
fwiw, +1 :D


19:35 Redmine Wiki edit: PluginQuestion (#4)
a little more usage info

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