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13:45 Redmine Help: Help with custom field
Hi all,
I have custom field with parametres:
name: Typ
type: project
id: 17
This field have list format and in p...
Peter Drábik


10:29 Redmine Feature #3718: Sevaral categories for an issue
Don't work for me on redmine 3.0.2, please help. When I use this diff, my think clients crashed on bitnami. Sorry for... Peter Drábik


11:14 Redmine Help: Add filter over due in issue list
I need help with filter. I have two columns in issue list - resolved time and approved time. I needs to creat...
Peter Drábik


20:18 Redmine Feature #5458: Extend Start/Due date to include time
Roman Khaleev wrote:
> Whether it is planned to add this feature in the new 3.x version?
Hi, I have 3.1.0 and ver...
Peter Drábik


15:00 Redmine Development: RE: Reloading after change issue priority when I create new task
I think I solved this by adding: onchange => "updateIssueFrom ('# {escape_javascript update_issue_form_path (project,... Peter Drábik
11:27 Redmine Development: Reloading after change issue priority when I create new task
Hi, I need your help.
When I create a new task, and while I'm changing some attributes - after changing them - there...
Peter Drábik


09:38 Redmine Help: Set start_date = when issue status was update to In progress
Hi, I need help. I need set issue start date for day, when upgrade issue to In progress. Can You help me? Peter Drábik


11:18 Redmine Plugins: Calculate due date from issue priority
I need help with a plugin , where I need to set a due date by issue type priorities. I have 4 priorities - A, B...
Peter Drábik


22:49 Redmine Help: Resolved date as filter
Hi all,
I need help with creating filters which filter out all resolved tasks for a certain period of time. I can o...
Peter Drábik


06:42 Redmine Help: Due date based on priority
Hi all,
I have a project, where I need to set a due date by job type priorities. I have 4 priorities - A, B, C, D. ...
Peter Drábik

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