Tim Bouman

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15:26 Redmine Defect #3898 (Resolved): Saving time Issue
Found the answer, Redmine had settings to send an E-Mail whenever a issue was created, but there was no email address...
15:16 Redmine Defect #3898: Saving time Issue
Got some log data:
Processing IssuesController#new (for at 2009-10-06 15:15:42) [POST]
Session I...


11:55 Redmine Defect #3898 (Closed): Saving time Issue
When i want to save an issue, it takes up to 21 seconds before it says its saved succesfully and gives an "Fa...


12:04 Redmine Feature #2561: Correlate workflow with Issue complete percentage
Is there an update on this matter? i still searching for something like this:
IF status=='Assigned' AND progress>0...

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