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13:13 Redmine Feature #4455: Mercurial overhaul
for what it is worth, mercurial 1.5 has been released last week and - finally - can output log in xml :
Paul Rivier


10:11 Redmine Defect #1288: Unable to past escaped wiki syntax in an issue description
actually, html rendering is a 2 stages operation in redmine. First, input is fed to plain textile engine RedCloth, th... Paul Rivier


09:55 Redmine Defect #4147: Error reading from remote server
please read [[Submissions]] before posting on
Paul Rivier


07:18 Redmine Feature #1373 (Resolved): Activity option to monitor Issues updates
I'm fine with current implementation, thank you Jean-Philippe.
Lluis, please feel free to reopen if you want.
Paul Rivier


15:41 Redmine Feature #465: Inheritence of Versions to Subprojects
Hi Eric, thanks for working on that.
> # When an issue with a Version is moved, it will unassign the Version if it...
Paul Rivier


09:24 Redmine Feature #465: Inheritence of Versions to Subprojects
Hi Eric,
> Here's a question: I'm using the term @inherited_versions@ to describe the versions on children and par...
Paul Rivier


10:51 Redmine Feature #465: Inheritence of Versions to Subprojects
Hi Eric,
> There's still quite a bit to do (permissions, visibility, turn on/off) but it's working good so far.
Paul Rivier


18:29 Redmine Feature #2450: Remove Watchers
Maybe you could help us giving a use case. To me it seems that a departed employee should have its account locked and... Paul Rivier


22:10 Redmine Feature #1739: Add ability to change issue author
Indeed I don't understand why author and assignee auto-watching does not use the global watching mecanism. It would b... Paul Rivier


22:34 Redmine Feature #2876: A simple plan for wiki concurrent edition
Hi Jean-Philippe,
You may want to review this patch. Wiki concurrent edition will fail over nicely to current behavi...
Paul Rivier

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