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12:05 Redmine Feature #20511: Comments for Textile text formatting


13:19 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineTextFormattingTextile (#8)
added example for table width


16:44 Redmine Wiki edit: Rest_api_with_ruby (#12)
added example for pure Ruby (without Rails)


08:35 Redmine Feature #24662: Add option to remove trailing whitespace on saving wiki pages
I am using Redmine 3.2.2.stable and observed the described problem. So the solution to problem #18223 (introduced in ...


10:39 Redmine Feature #24662 (New): Add option to remove trailing whitespace on saving wiki pages
Formatting non-trivial tables with many rows and columns in Textile is very prone to formatting errors when trailing ...


10:28 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineTextFormattingTextile (#2)
referred tickets regarding limitations of current Textile support


15:20 Redmine Defect #11697: Problem with Wiki export to PDF / HTML / TXT — 'include' does not includes
I can reproduce this issue with the following environment:...


13:57 Redmine Feature #6401: Make Wiki Redirects editable
That workaround still works on Redmine 2.4.2.stable. Many Thanks!


09:55 Redmine Defect #12510: Issues PDF export: Spent time/Float-values aren't rounded to 2 digits
For the particular issue I've observed that on Redmine 2.3.1 I had the following time entries:
* 3.50h
* 1.25h
08:57 Redmine Feature #11253: Total time spent from subtasks on the issue list
I'm using Redmine 2.3.1. The fix from Bed Dalling (note-24) seams to work for the Web User Interface (HTML). Thank yo...

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