Zachary Crockett

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22:26 Redmine Defect #4710 (Closed): syntax_highlight, wrong number of arguments (1 for 2) redering repositorie...
h1. Quick
Probably ruby 1.9 issue. Line 5 of app/views/common/_file.rhtml has...


18:30 Redmine Help: RE: Can't update tracker
Also, I see that the trunk got a similar fix for this issue yesterday in r3289
The 0.9 branch got it in r3290
18:22 Redmine Help: RE: Can't update tracker
This error was preventing me from creating new issues. Patch worked perfectly.
ruby 1.9.1p376 (2009-12-07 revisio...


00:16 Redmine Defect #3929 (Closed): Error parsing svn output: #<REXML::ParseException: No close tag for /lists...
I'm running redmine on the same server as an SVN repository. The repo is accessed with the svn protocol using svnser...

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