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03:33 Redmine Feature #3187 (Closed): "View Issues" user permission
Please add a "View Issues" user permission.


23:14 Redmine Open discussion: Redmine scalability and ETA for version 0.8
Hi everyone,
# We are looking into using Redmine to host 200+ projects across our company, are there any known lim...
21:26 Redmine Help: RE: LoadError crashing Mongrel servers
Great, let me know once this plugin is ready, as we have noticed that a similar error occurs as well when the SVN cre...
01:22 Redmine Help: LoadError crashing Mongrel servers
Hi everyone,
We are hosting Redmine on the following infrastructure:
* Windows 2003 Server Edition
* Ruby 1.8


07:51 Redmine Feature #1290 (Closed): Atom Feed for Project List page
Implement an Atom feed for the project list page, since most of the other pages already have it, it would be great if...


00:42 Redmine Help: RE: How to Plugins
I really wouldn't know, but we would like to just add some more features without touching the core since Redmine is s...


02:12 Redmine Help: RE: How to Plugins
Please do, we would really appreciate to have something we can learn from!


23:50 Redmine Help: RE: How to Plugins
Are there any tutorials on how to create a simple plugin, or maybe even a video like that 10 minute Redmine installat...


22:37 Redmine Feature #1113 (New): Link LDAP groups with user accounts
It would be a great feature for corporate wide use of Redmine, to be able to link users according to LDAP groups.
22:24 Redmine Defect #1096 (Resolved): E-mail notification not being sent to all users in projects
Please ignore this, we are unable to replicate the bug again. I will mark it as resolved for now.

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