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20:38 Redmine Feature #21956: Links to modules
Thing also about links to Repository file differences, Wiki page differences,…
20:35 Redmine Feature #21957 (New): Option ignore whitespace in Wiki diff
There is a option "View side by side" in repo file diff view. Please add the Ignore white space change option (`diff ...
20:20 Redmine Feature #21956 (Closed): Links to modules
Add please (“global”) links to modules, e.g. `module:tasks:`, `module:sanbox:tasks:` (all tasks in another project).
20:09 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineTextFormattingMarkdown (#14)
Links to Repositories
20:08 Redmine Feature #21955 (Closed): Link to a repositories
Add please links to repositories. See [[RedmineTextFormattingMarkdown#section-3]] paragraph "Repositories: (Wanted)"....
20:03 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineTextFormattingMarkdown (#13)
20:01 Redmine Feature #21954 (Closed): link to the repository branch
There is a link to a specific commit
but link to a branch
19:10 Redmine Feature #4052: Cross-project redmine links with alternate link text for source and export links.
Please, also for [[RedmineTextFormattingMarkdown|Markdown]] formatting, #15520.


10:32 Redmine Feature #21785 (New): Wiki: macro Panel
Add, please, Panel macro to both, textile and markdown wiki syntax.


15:19 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineTextFormattingMarkdown (#11)
Code converted to Markdown

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