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11:33 Redmine Help: Trunk gives a 500 error - Redmine requires Bundler. Please install it with `gem install bundler`.
I upgraded my redmine to trunk and met all the prerequisites. It works on Apache through the Passenger. When I restar... Nikita Pustovoytov


02:02 Redmine Help: Redmine 1.0.2. and Mercurial
I'm trying to add my mercurial repo to redmine. Redmine version is 1.0.2 and I upgraded hg to 1.8.1.
Both of them ...
Nikita Pustovoytov


13:27 Redmine Help: RE: In which version appeared REST API for issues?
Ok, thank you.
I was confused by last Eric's comment.
Nikita Pustovoytov
12:05 Redmine Help: RE: In which version appeared REST API for issues?
Is REST for issues supported in 1.0.3?
From #6513 it seems that applying patch reveals "move" and "copy" buttons but...
Nikita Pustovoytov


22:40 Redmine Help: In which version appeared REST API for issues?
I'm using 0.9.4 version and have a checkbox for enabling REST API but it doesn't work.
Can anybody help, which versi...
Nikita Pustovoytov


22:11 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine 0.9.4, charts plugin 0.1.0
I had the same problem and opened an issue on github. A new commit from the plugin's author solved my problem. Nikita Pustovoytov
20:06 Redmine Plugins: RE: Blocks Layout plugin
After modifying a project overview in settings I get redirected back to overview page but it's empty. This settings d... Nikita Pustovoytov
15:34 Redmine Open discussion: Adding a script to wiki page for ruby-newbie
I'd like to modify @<head>@ of wiki page to add a link to jsMath script to support Tex. Could you help, which file sh... Nikita Pustovoytov
14:47 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Automatic "Relates To" Option for Copied Issue?
I'd vote for such plugin! Nikita Pustovoytov
09:55 Redmine Plugins: RE: Basic Polls plugin
Ooops... Now I see it.
I haven't notice it because all attached pictures are shown there and I mistakenly thought th...
Nikita Pustovoytov

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