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07:39 Redmine Plugins: RE: Plugin 404 Errors
Did any of you get this working?
I'm running Redmine 2.1.6 and the latest 'stuff to do' plugin from the same sourc...
Patrick Cummins


05:19 Redmine Feature #3595: Evidence Based Scheduling
Does the backlogs plugin provide this?
George, I see your git repo here:
Patrick Cummins


18:54 Redmine Feature #9545 (New): Windows Integrated Authentication
I want to provide 'windows integrated authentication' where the browser provides the domain user information to Redmi... Patrick Cummins


17:22 Redmine Defect #8710 (New): Include macro does not work in issue description email
When an issue description contains an include Macro, email updates for that issue display this error instead of the d... Patrick Cummins


23:35 Redmine Defect #6158: Needs warning when trying to close a ticket that is blocked by another one
I agree that a little notice next to the status dropdown would be nice. It's a training issue to make sure tha...
Patrick Cummins


19:36 Redmine Feature #3169: Multiple repositories for projects
+1 Patrick Cummins


19:59 Redmine Feature #7697: Extend watchers functionality of wiki and forums to be like issues would be great if the list of watchers indicated which watchers are part of the project, and which aren't. Patrick Cummins
19:58 Redmine Feature #7697: Extend watchers functionality of wiki and forums to be like issues
+1 Patrick Cummins


20:08 Redmine Open discussion: Ruby/Redmine experts looking for contract work
I'm looking for Ruby developers who can work on my companies Redmine installation. You will be free (and encouraged)... Patrick Cummins


21:35 Redmine Feature #3547: Wiki include macro: add ability to include single section
+1. This would be very helpful.
Are macros part of the textile wiki engine, or are they added by the Redmine source?
Patrick Cummins

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