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20:03 Redmine Feature #850: Per-project role permissions
Fabio, we weren't using Global roles plugin. Please test it without Global roles and check if it works. There also ma... Rafał Lisowski


14:11 Redmine Feature #850: Per-project role permissions
Check out
> Members who have new permission (:manage_roles)...
Rafał Lisowski


14:40 Redmine Defect #6523: Sort order doesn't treat german "umlaute" correct in user listing
I had the same problem on edit/add issue page and help m... Rafał Lisowski


09:59 Redmine Defect #19485: Column 'address' in where clause may be ambiguous
are you sure that you don't have any other plugins?
In my logs sql look the same and is working:...
Rafał Lisowski
09:36 Redmine Patch #19548: Add link to reported issues on users's profile page
why you don't use widget for "My page"? Rafał Lisowski


10:21 Redmine Feature #16561: Private files
any changes? Rafał Lisowski


11:25 Redmine Patch #18051: Cancel button on issue edit view
+1 works, thanks Rafał Lisowski


11:12 Redmine Defect #17151: File upload broken on Chrome 36
Works for me.
Redmine: 2.5.1.stable
Google Chrome: 36.0.1985.125
Toshi MARUYAMA wrote:
> Chrome/Chromium vers...
Rafał Lisowski


22:48 Redmine Feature #16934: Add optional journal entries for watcher add/removal
We needed similar functionality and created: Rafał Lisowski


11:10 Redmine Defect #15789: Users can see all groups when adding a filter "Assignee's Group"
I just disabled filter by group. No one use it at my company so it was the easiest way to prevent data leakage.
I do...
Rafał Lisowski

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