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20:10 Redmine Plugins: RE: ToDo lists plugin
David, nice plugin!
I have everything working on Ruby 1.9.1 with Redmine 0.9.4. I did notice today that when inst...
Mike Bolser


12:49 Redmine Help: RE: error migrating Status Updates plugin
I found that issue report as well in my search for a solution. Making the changes listed above solved it for me and ... Mike Bolser
01:42 Redmine Help: RE: error migrating Status Updates plugin
I just moved to a new server instance and have been having the same issue. In reading through other posts, I decided... Mike Bolser


15:17 Redmine Defect #3499: p=. !image.png! doesn't work in trunk version (rev it doesn't work
This bug appears to have resurfaced. However, if I put a leading and trailing space around the image, it appears to ... Mike Bolser


04:04 Redmine Help: Reorder Tabs?
Can the tabs be reordered easily? I'd really like to see this feature, I prefer the Wiki to be more to the left but ... Mike Bolser


12:38 Redmine Help: RE: Setup Redmine with VisualSVN on Windows
Thanks for the reply Andrew. I did get this working by manually linking individual projects to the VisualSVN reposit... Mike Bolser


21:25 Redmine Help: Setup Redmine with VisualSVN on Windows
Hello all:
I am attempting to setup Redmine to work with VisualSVN on a Windows 2008 server. So far, I have Redmi...
Mike Bolser

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