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13:37 Redmine Feature #18342 (New): Enhanced issue filter
sometimes it would be nice to have more elaborate filtering capabilities:
* filter the same field multiple times
Il Igid


13:49 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Link a file in Files section inside the text
you can link to a document via the following textile syntax:... Il Igid


19:16 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineTextFormatting (#101)
Il Igid


09:39 Redmine Feature #15340: Custom field referencing other tickets
thanks for the nice little implementation for prototyping.
For a final solution I would rather make a new field type...
Il Igid


12:12 Redmine Feature #15340 (New): Custom field referencing other tickets
Redmine could become much more powerful if it would be possible to add custom fields which reference other tickts. It... Il Igid


14:00 Redmine Feature #15019 (New): Reusable custom queries
Custom queries are a great means to provide standard views into projects.
Users and especially administrators may sa...
Il Igid
13:55 Redmine Feature #15018 (Closed): Description or help for trackers
Every tracker should have an optional description. Best case this would be realized as an optional link into a Wiki-p... Il Igid

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