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12:24 Redmine Help: RE: Creating Custom Query that accepts a parameter - Is this possible ?
I've linked #3258 to this post. Jone Marius Vignes
12:24 Redmine Feature #3258: Link to custom query from wiki
Please take a look at also, which suggests parametrized custom queries. M... Jone Marius Vignes


11:15 Redmine Feature #3059 (New): Placement of input controls when adding related issue
When you have a large list of related issues and use the "add" link, the input controls are put on the bottom of the ... Jone Marius Vignes
11:09 Redmine Feature #1881: Add related issue
To clarify: the action would be: create a new issue that is related to this issue (e.g. it is related to the parent i... Jone Marius Vignes


08:14 Redmine Feature #2877: Search custom fields
My field was defined as an integer field, so this option was not available. After switching to string and using a reg... Jone Marius Vignes


11:28 Redmine Feature #2877 (Closed): Search custom fields
It would be nice to have the ability to include the custom fields in the search function. Jone Marius Vignes


14:35 Redmine Feature #2810 (Closed): Custom formatting of custom fields
It would be nice to have a way of setting up custom formatting of custom fields. In my case, we are referring to an e... Jone Marius Vignes


09:53 Redmine Feature #2222: Single section edit.
+1 This would be very nice Jone Marius Vignes


13:03 Redmine Feature #1888 (Closed): Wiki saving
It would be nice to be able to save the wiki while editing (for those long editing sessions) without having to go bac... Jone Marius Vignes


13:59 Redmine Feature #1439: Interlinking between wiki and issues
Thomas Lecavelier wrote:
> It would be nice but a little bit db-ressources consuming... But why not, if admin can di...
Jone Marius Vignes

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