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17:21 Redmine Development: RE: Database question about new table columns
It drove me crazy trying to figure out how to stop these records from being logged and retrieved until I remembered t...


16:32 Redmine Development: Database question about new table columns
I need to track changes in my Redmine database so I created an extra timestamp field and added triggers to a new tabl...


10:15 Redmine Help: RE: Can not upload files from remote location
I had a similar issue yesterday (same Redmine version). I was using the REST service to upload a file on a server at...


13:47 Redmine Help: RE: How to synchronize database of two Redmine instances
Jan Niggemann ( team member) wrote:
> Please don't resurrect year-old threads (they're just gonna become ...


23:27 Redmine Help: RE: Can two Redmine servers be synchronized?
Pavel Potcheptsov wrote:
> Let's say you have two redmine instances with number of different users, projects, issues...


14:45 Redmine Help: Can two Redmine servers be synchronized?
I have been tasked with synchronizing two Redmine servers that are in two different departments. Management has deci...

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