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16:31 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How do you have Ruby and Rails installed?
To @JohnZ -
I found that the BitNami install went perfectly.
But for me the Bitnami control scripts didn't wor...
Andy L


18:34 Redmine Help: RE: Repository Problem
I checked again - @Thomas you are right - there is a certificate issue on my SVN server - I will try to get this reso... Andy L
16:24 Redmine Help: RE: Repository Problem
I think it is - I use https for day-to-day operations on the same computer... Andy L


23:51 Redmine Help: RE: Problem with Plugin Engines
OK - well I found the problem - I was using the wrong version of the Rails Engines plugin.
I was using the recomme...
Andy L
22:59 Redmine Help: Problem with Plugin Engines
I am using Redmine 0.7 RC1 on Windows/Cygwin using Rails 2.0.2.
I have installed the latest 'Rails Engines' plugin...
Andy L
23:11 Redmine Feature #1114 (Closed): Bundle Rails-Engines with Redmine
Redmine bundles many plugins in the core app, but not Rails Engines.
Hunting down and installing Rails Engines r...
Andy L


04:27 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Migrate from mingle
Mingle vs. Redmine:
* mingle requires 2gb of ram - runs slow and is hard configure and learn
* redmine is running f...
Andy L
04:05 Redmine Help: Repository Problem
I am using the BitNami install of Redmine version 0.7, on Ubuntu Hardy (Beta) Desktop.
For me, subversion integrat...
Andy L
04:02 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Thanks! for Redmine.
+1 :) Andy L
03:54 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Roadmap version 0.7
FWIW I have been using 0.7 beta today and it has been very stable. Andy L

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