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14:10 Redmine Defect #29912 (Closed): Missing closing tag in app/views/roles/_form.html.erb
Just find a missing html tag in @roles/_form.html.erb@. A paragraph <p> is not closed....


11:09 Redmine Patch #29275 (Closed): Update French translations
Some translations were missing in the French locale file.


14:38 Redmine Defect #28337: Problem when creating PDF with too many columns
Stephane Evr wrote:
> This is related to #23962
Yes, that's the same issue. And I have applied your temporary pat...


16:21 Redmine Defect #28337 (Closed): Problem when creating PDF with too many columns
The application does not respond if we try to export issues to PDF with too many columns (more than 60).
How to re...


10:47 Redmine Defect #26836 (Confirmed): Filtering issues via context menu should not reset selected columns
If we use the context menu to filter issues, selected columns are reset to default.
Steps to reproduce this bug:


15:32 Redmine Defect #26785: Wrong columns after CSV export
Here are the steps to reproduce this bug:
h2. 1 - Go to global /issues page
h2. 2 - Clear curren...
11:31 Redmine Defect #26785 (Closed): Wrong columns after CSV export
On the @/issues@ page, if we create a new CSV export with all columns, every columns are selected next time we visit ...


10:54 Redmine Feature #26332: Add 3.4-stable branch to the GitHub mirror
I have just sent an email to Jean-Baptiste about that. I also need this new branch.
10:31 Redmine Patch #26341 (Closed): Add useful details to error message when a template is missing
When a template is missing, this message is added to the logs:...


10:33 Redmine Feature #25140: [API] authentication with JSON Web Tokens
Hi Serguei,
I am just talking about API calls here. I could work on this feature, but I would like to know the opini...

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