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15:12 Redmine Defect #34029: 403 Forbidden error when non-member try to upload a file
Please find attached a diff file which contains:
* a system test to reproduce the error
* a patch to fix it
10:51 Redmine Defect #34029 (New): 403 Forbidden error when non-member try to upload a file
Our users encountered an error in a specific case, when uploading files.
Here is a screenshot showing the...


17:15 Redmine Defect #33548 (Closed): Column header is clickable even when the column is not actually sortable
Please find below a patch to fix the 'sortable?' method in QueryColumn class.
Currently, the method returns true i...


21:24 Redmine Patch #33337 (New): Clean-up Workflows Controller
Here is a patch which aims to refactor the WorkflowsController.
The patch does not change the behavior of t...


13:32 Redmine Patch #33268 (Closed): Add missing test: ProjectCustomField creation
I would like to complete the test suite, and add a test about the creation of ProjectCustomFields.


12:25 Redmine Patch #33100 (Closed): Fix a test - Issue watchers are not always sorted by id
Could you please apply this tiny patch?
Currently, when running issues_controller tests, returned issue-wat...


16:06 Redmine Patch #32927: CSS selector in test_index_should_show_warning_when_no_workflow_is_defined is too s...
No, we should not ;) But I think this specific test is too precise. It will break as soon as the table is modified, e...
14:27 Redmine Patch #32927 (Closed): CSS selector in test_index_should_show_warning_when_no_workflow_is_defined...
Just a tiny patch which makes a test less specific. This way, a plugin can add columns to the table without break...


13:39 Redmine Defect #31085: Hosting redmine at a suburl doesn't work anymore in 4.0
I met exactly the same issue today, upgrading from 3.4 to 4.0.
Thank you Pavel for this solution. It works great!


15:03 Redmine Defect #31146 (Closed): I need to change the name of the field ISSUE ou DEMANDE by another name

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