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15:29 Redmine Patch #37565 (Closed): Performance problem when filtering issues by custom-field value
We noticed a significant impact on performances in the latest versions, after the fix of the issue described...


08:50 Redmine Defect #34029: 403 Forbidden error when non-member try to upload a file
It may actually be a different topic. I agree, we can first fix the bug with the 403 error, without modifying current...


14:41 Redmine Defect #34029: 403 Forbidden error when non-member try to upload a file
Hello Marius. Thank you for this update.
About the fix, I think we should cumulate these roles.
A member should n...


13:49 Redmine Patch #36757 (Closed): Update Rails to
A new security release is available, and we should upgrade to Rails


10:30 Redmine Defect #36593 (Confirmed): User without permissions to view required project custom fields cannot...


14:56 Redmine Patch #36241: MenuManagerTest randomly fails
Thank you for this fix. Is it possible to include it in the next minor version? 4.2.5?


15:00 Redmine Defect #36718 (Closed): Menu Manager Test randomly fails
Here is another test which fails in some circumstances.
Thank you for considering this patch....
14:51 Redmine Patch #36716 (Closed): IssuesControllerTest randomly fails
Please find below a patch to fix this test, which randomly fail when running in parallel:...


14:11 Redmine Defect #36177 (New): Remove spaces at the end of custom-fields names
We should trim all trailing spaces from names when creating/updating custom fields.


11:33 Redmine Patch #33337: Clean-up workflows controller
Thank you for updating and committing this patch.

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