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04:46 Redmine Defect #11609 (Closed): Override redmine routes.rb in a plugin in redmine 2.x
Currently, it doesn't seem possible to override redmine application routes in a plugin.
For instance, I want to ov...


07:08 Redmine Feature #7798 (Resolved): Limit on assocuated revisions for a ticket?
Sorry, turns out it was user error. My commits weren't showing up anymore since I moved the issue into a new project....
07:07 Redmine Defect #3087: Revision referring to issues across all projects
+1 to William Baum's comment 17. Would be good if issues were related to any project in redmine, not just parent/chil...
06:21 Redmine Feature #7798 (Closed): Limit on assocuated revisions for a ticket?
I noticed that after making a lot of commits towards a particular issue, it would only display the first 20 in the as...


12:45 Redmine Feature #1948: Display Git Submodule


07:54 Redmine Feature #5098: Custom SQL Queries


08:40 Redmine Defect #5385: Status filter should show statuses related to project trackers only
Are there any plans to include this patch in a future release?


16:39 Redmine Feature #6176 (Closed): Email Notifications per project
Currently I can set different email addresses for incoming emails per project. I can't set different emission email a...

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