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19:14 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Forums code of conduct/good behavior
Eric Davis wrote:
> I've created a wiki page for the final [[ForumCodeOfConduct]].
> Eric Davis
May be it wo...
16:26 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Our Latest Theme
Lars P. wrote:
> The Theme looks dead. The demo hasnĀ“t worked for months.
> http://shaneandpeter-design.heroku.com/...


15:15 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Our new name and new theme
One correction: Demo at http://www.taskpoint.com/demo is live demo not just screenshots.
15:10 Redmine Open discussion: TaskPoint - Redmine based hosted service
As some of you aware of Redmine based hosted project management solution PMP HQ was renamed into TaskPoint http://www...


16:04 Redmine Wiki edit: TeamLeadMeeting0 (#16)


00:20 Redmine Wiki edit: TeamLeadMeetings (#14)


14:36 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How many of you want free hosted redmine - Couple of people were talking ab...
What cost nothing worth nothing :) But seriously I would not trust my project to something free as it might disappear...


23:16 Redmine Open discussion: RE: commercial redmine hosting (plus giving back)
Congratulations on your launch from your rivals at PMP HQ http://www.pmphq.com. More competitions is good for custome...


13:55 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Google Apps and PMPHQ (redmine based)
Please do not mix the PMP HQ service which is created by TDC LLC and Redmine which the service is based on and creato...


21:06 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Planio (a Redmine hosting service) has launched today!
Bah, Jan I think you can do better then that :) We did some integration with Google apps for calendaring. We also wor...

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