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22:27 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine doesn't work with svn
Does the svn command work on your Centos system?


17:20 Redmine Help: RE: How two Redmine instances access the same Database
This seems like something you'd just want to do with access rights and permissions. Unless you're set on the internal...


22:34 Redmine Defect #13617: Internal error on custum queries after Upgrade 2.2 -> 2.3
I started using Redmine 2.3.3 a month ago, updated to 2.4.0 the other day, and noticed the same thing. My Ruby versio...
21:07 Redmine Help: RE: Getting 404 from api when posting issues.json
If you're on 2.4.0, you might want to try 2.4.1.


22:03 Redmine Help: RE: Can two Redmine servers be synchronized?
I don't have much experience with hooks, but those would probably be the first place I would go to. Using hooks, save...


19:14 Redmine Help: RE: bundler problem while upgrading Redmine
Earlier this week I was having trouble connecting to (which the gemfile uses) but could connect ...
15:22 Redmine Help: 2.4 API Upgrade issues
I've just upgraded to the newest redmine, and I'm having REST API troubles with PHP in 2.4. Using the ActiveResource ...

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