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16:55 Redmine Defect #25286: Workflow Status
Other possible causes would be:
# you have no workflow defined;
# the role of your user has not acces do created ne...
Hugo da Silva da Silva


21:31 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Database Documentation
hi guys,
Could anybody help me map the values of @status@ column from @projects@ table? That column has only value...
Hugo da Silva da Silva


20:01 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Project Merging
Hi, birval. As far as I research, Redmine has no function for this and many user has requested (#5837, #1840, #17493 ... Hugo da Silva da Silva


00:43 Redmine Feature #18325: Request approval
Maybe your problema could be solved only if the #18391 issue could be implemented. Voted for it so maybe they decide ... Hugo da Silva da Silva
00:38 Redmine Feature #13619: Automatically pass issues to the next defined team member after issue status updated
I think this issue duplicates #18391 Hugo da Silva da Silva
00:36 Redmine Feature #18391: "IF THEN" automatic workflow
I really would like to have this plugin integrated as Redmine function. As I need to keep my redmine updated to the l... Hugo da Silva da Silva
00:33 Redmine Feature #18831: Support Automatic Assigning of Issues on Status Change
I have the same demand. Hugo da Silva da Silva


13:24 Redmine Feature #4179: Link to user in wiki syntax
This would be very useful for me too. It would be nice if I could create the RACI Matrix and reference eache pers...
Hugo da Silva da Silva

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