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19:53 Redmine Feature #12704: Allow selecting subprojects on new issue form
I too have tried this approach. It's definitely nice and would be the optimal way to go for those who organize every... Alex Stout


17:01 Redmine Help: RE: Insert HTML fragments
First of all, thanks Gary for the simple and awesome addition.
I added a small layer of security to my html macro ...
Alex Stout


18:44 Redmine Help: RE: Heroku Cedar stack filesystem without s3
I guess Heroku (wisely) just relies on StackExchange for its help forum. Follow the link for the question I asked. Ho... Alex Stout
16:59 Redmine Help: RE: Heroku Cedar stack filesystem without s3
I also just tested whether the files were somehow stored in the database (the actual file data) by importing the hero... Alex Stout
00:24 Redmine Help: Heroku Cedar stack filesystem without s3
I have almost completely and successfully migrated my Redmine installation to heroku on the cedar stack.
I had a m...
Alex Stout


18:04 Redmine Help: RE: Custom Field is missing after update from 2.3.3 to 2.5.0
I'm currently working on an update from 2.3.3 to 2.5.0 as well. There were some fairly significant changes to the cu... Alex Stout
17:55 Redmine Help: RE: How to backup redmine?
Does anyone else see an issue with this type of a database backup and scalability?
I am currently trying to update...
Alex Stout


18:39 Redmine Feature #3035: Reminder at start-date
Please Add this feature. The plugins are not cutting it because they aren't maintained. I mostly need the email Wat... Alex Stout

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