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13:55 Redmine Patch #5870 (Closed): refresh_changeset webservice should also accept the project identifier as possible parameter
The refresh_changeset webservice should accept the project "identifier" as parameter for refreshing a certain project... Joachim Fritschi


12:10 Redmine Defect #4680 (Resolved): reposman.rb hangs randomly
Was some kind of weird problem with the underlying VMware server. Sorry :( Joachim Fritschi


16:41 Redmine Plugins: RE: Projects Tree View Plugin - Version 0.0.1
I finally had the time to track down my subproject issue with the latest version from git. The issue is that the vend... Joachim Fritschi


16:14 Redmine Plugins: RE: Projects Tree View Plugin - Version 0.0.1
I have tried again. Still doesn't work. I'm running a 0.9.3 stable release (r3507) and tried out the latest version f... Joachim Fritschi


08:34 Redmine Plugins: RE: Projects Tree View Plugin - Version 0.0.1
The create subproject button disappears from all projects after installation of the plugin from git. This is problema... Joachim Fritschi


15:54 Redmine Defect #5261 (Closed): Multiple level subprojects wrap around into the menu
If you have a very deep project structure the names in the header (Project >> Subproject >> Subsubproject >> etc) get... Joachim Fritschi


21:01 Redmine Defect #4680: reposman.rb hangs randomly
I did a bit more researching. I guess this is probably a rails activeresource bug:
Joachim Fritschi


14:57 Redmine Defect #4680 (Closed): reposman.rb hangs randomly
I'm running the redmine from the current Redmine 0.9 stable branch (r3332) branch. The reposman.rb script hangs rando... Joachim Fritschi
14:37 Redmine Help: RE: Access denied. Repository management WS is disabled or key is invalid.
You have to add the --key='aTOmXXXtopsecetcapikeyfromyourgui' to the commandline. Redmine 0.9 has change the commandl... Joachim Fritschi


17:23 Redmine Defect #3560: reposman.rb and crontab
You have to append the option:
--command='/usr/local/bin/svnadmin create'
FreeBSD has installs all ports in /us...
Joachim Fritschi

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