Encouraging a community

Added by John Goerzen over 10 years ago

I've been reading some messages lately from people thinking of working on plugins for Redmine, and various other contributions.

The Trac people have a site trac-hacks.org for this sort of thing. But since Trac is a single-project tool, it doesn't work out all that well in some ways.

I thikn it would be great it Redmine were to have such a site. Give each addon project a VCS repo, download area, wiki, bug tracker, all hosted in Redmine. It could even be hosted right here on redmine.org.


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RE: Encouraging a community - Added by Jim Mulholland over 10 years ago


I was just talking about that exact thing to my business partner this weekend. It would be very cool if each plugin could have its own Redmine subproject.

It would definitely make Redmine.org a one-stop shopping place for all things Redmine. I'm not sure what the best way would be to implement from an administrative / security perspective to ensure all sub-projects are legit, though. I would like to avoid a scenario like on Rubyforge where every other project seems to be a ghost town without code.

- Jim