Customize Users display format

Added by Frank Enders about 7 years ago

Hi everybody,

is there a possibility to customize the Users display format? I would like to add the custom user field "Company". Currently only combinations of sur- and lastname seem to be possible.


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RE: Customize Users display format - Added by Felix Schäfer about 7 years ago

You could add it as a custom user format here: source:/app/models/user.rb#L29, not sure how that would affect the display of pages with lots of user names on it, as the custom fields are not stored in the same table. It might be better solved in a plugin.

RE: Customize Users display format - Added by Max Arnold over 6 years ago

Can someone show an example of how this could be implemented? We want to change how user is displayed and show custom field along with username, otherwise visual separation between internal users and external ones is problematic and error prone.

Currently we add company name to user first name in square brackets, but this is really ugly.

RE: Customize Users display format - Added by Y Z over 4 years ago

Would be interested in figuring out how to display a custom field value as a part of the display format. Is there any plugin or solution?

RE: Customize Users display format - Added by Guru M over 4 years ago

Following links might prove useful to determined individuals :

1) (ForumPost) Trying to create a custom field type :
2) (Article) Custom field view customization :

Last but not least this book "Redmine Plugin Extension and Development" will be better :

I've pre-ordered the book as it's at a 80% discounted price in ebook format.
Hopefully it should be better.

Hope this helps someone.

Guru M.

RE: Customize Users display format - Added by Guru M over 4 years ago


Some other learning resources:
0) Source of redmine_contacts :
1) Extended Fields :
2) Browse extended_fields plugin source online :
3) API docs for CustomFieldFormat :

Guru M.

RE: Customize Users display format - Added by Uli Hecht almost 3 years ago

I know this is an old thread, but it's the first thing you find when you google on this topic. I want to share my solution with you:

1. Create a plugin

ruby bin/rails generate redmine_plugin my_plugin

2. Create a file lib/user_patch.rb in your plugin

require_dependency "user" 

module UserPatch

  # The available user formats are stored in User::USER_FORMATS (app/models/user.rb)
  # We cannot modify User::USER_FORMATS, as it's a constant
  # Therefore we define an own hash which will be merged with USER_FORMATS
    :my_custom_name_format => {
        :string => '#{firstname} #{lastname} #{!company.to_s.empty? ? "("+company.to_s+")":""}',
        :order => %w(firstname lastname id),
        :setting_order => 8

  def self.included(base)
    base.send(:include, InstanceMethods)

    base.class_eval do
      unloadable # Send unloadable so it will not be unloaded in development

      extend ClassMethods

      class << self
        # This line is responsible for letting redmine call name_formatter_with_company_format
        # defined below instead of User::name_formatter
        alias_method_chain :name_formatter, :company_format

  module InstanceMethods
    # This method will be included in the User-class to retrieve the field value of your custom field
    def company
      # look for our custom field in the database
      cf = CustomField.where(["name = ?", "company"]).first
      if cf
        # get the value for the custom field (the method is provided by act_as_customizable behavior plugin)

  module ClassMethods
    # this method is called when formatting user names
    # We change its behavior to additionally look for user formats in our new hash "MY_PLUGIN_USER_FORMATS" 
    def name_formatter_with_company_format(formatter = nil)
      User::USER_FORMATS[formatter || Setting.user_format] || User::MY_PLUGIN_USER_FORMATS[formatter || Setting.user_format] ||USER_FORMATS[:firstname_lastname]

# include our patch
User.send(:include, UserPatch)

3. Create a file lib/settings_controller_patch.rb in your plugin

We added the ability to apply our new name format above. Now we have to add it to the name-format settings list.

require_dependency "settings_controller" 
require_dependency "user_patch" 

module SettingsControllerPatch
  def self.included(base)
    base.send(:include, InstanceMethods)

    base.class_eval do
      unloadable # Send unloadable so it will not be unloaded in development

      alias_method_chain :edit, :my_plugin_user_format

  module InstanceMethods
    # Most of this code is copied from app/controllers/settings_controller.rb
    def edit_with_my_plugin_user_format
      @notifiables = Redmine::Notifiable.all
      if && params[:settings] && params[:settings].is_a?(Hash)
        settings = (params[:settings] || {}).dup.symbolize_keys
        settings.each do |name, value|
          Setting.set_from_params name, value
        flash[:notice] = l(:notice_successful_update)
        redirect_to settings_path(:tab => params[:tab])
        @options = {}

        # The following two code lines are different from app/controllers/settings_controller.rb
        # We merge the original user formats list with our list of additional formats
        user_formats = User::USER_FORMATS.merge(User::MY_PLUGIN_USER_FORMATS);
        user_format = user_formats.collect{|key, value| [key, value[:setting_order]]}.sort{|a, b| a[1] <=> b[1]}

        @options[:user_format] = user_format.collect{|f| [[0]), f[0].to_s]}
        @deliveries = ActionMailer::Base.perform_deliveries

        @guessed_host_and_path = request.host_with_port.dup
        @guessed_host_and_path << ('/'+ Redmine::Utils.relative_url_root.gsub(%r{^\/}, '')) unless Redmine::Utils.relative_url_root.blank?

        @commit_update_keywords = Setting.commit_update_keywords.dup
        @commit_update_keywords = [{}] unless @commit_update_keywords.is_a?(Array) && @commit_update_keywords.any?


SettingsController.send(:include, SettingsControllerPatch)

4. Edit init.rb in your plugin directory

require "redmine" 
require "user_patch" 
require "settings_controller_patch" 

Redmine::Plugin.register :my_plugin do
  name 'My plugin'
  author 'Example author'
  description 'Provide a user name format which contains the value of custom field company'
  version '0.0.1'
  url ''
  author_url ''

5. Restart your webserver

You can now select the new user format in the settings.