/bin/sh: 1: rake: not found

Added by Jasen Burkett over 3 years ago

After all of the other errors i have gone through, I finally have gotten through them, however, I am not able to figure out why I am getting this error when I run the command to pull in emails from the imap server....

*/1 * * * * rake -f /usr/share/redmine/Rakefile redmine:email:receive_imap RAILS_ENV=production host=host.hostname.com username= password=notshowingthis > /var/log/errlogs.log 2>&1

IF I run the above script direclty in the terminal ( with out the time, and with out the directory path ) via cd into the redmine directory, then of course running the script, it works... The email that sits in the email box waiting to be pulled into redmine, works.

When ran via cron, nothing happens, and i get the error that I listed eaerlier... /bin/sh: 1: rake: not found

Thank you in advance