"Request Entity Too Large" , again...

Added by System Administrator 25 days ago

I have been through the forums and can find no solution to my problem.

I recently did an upgrade to 3.4.6 and everything appears to work fine, EXCEPT file attachments to issues.

If I try and upload a file of > 1000Kb I get "Request Entity " appearing in where the file's name would go. copy and pasting the field reveals the full "Request Entity Too Large".

Here is my system info:

Redmine version 3.4.6.stable
Ruby version 2.5.1-p57 (2018-03-29) [x86_64-linux-gnu]
Rails version 4.2.8
Environment production
Database adapter PostgreSQL

Subversion 1.9.7
Git 2.17.1

Redmine plugins:
redmine_wiki_extensions 0.8.1

It is using nGinx and the appropriate client_max_body_size 20m; line is in the nGinx.conf file.

There are no errors in production.log, only successes if I upload something small enough.

There is plenty of disk space, the directories all have the right permissions. Redmine itself has a 10000 Kb attachment limit.

I am assuming it to be an error that uploads.js is reporting.

Any other suggestions?


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RE: "Request Entity Too Large" , again... - Added by System Administrator 23 days ago

See attachment.

as I said, 10000 Kb.

tab=attachments.png - tab=attachments (25.1 KB)