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Long wiki pages drop text when edited

Added by Lars Erik Gullerud almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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Resolution:Duplicate Affected version:0.8.3


When editing long wiki pages, text "disappears" from the end of the document. This seems to be caused by the fact that Redmine uses datatype "text" (at least in MySQL) to store wiki page contents. Pages exceeding 65535 characters are truncated.

This should probably be changed to MEDIUMTEXT or LONGTEXT or similar, or the system should as a minimum give the user a warning (right now, submissions of changes to a wiki page are accepted and text is simply silently discared from the end of the document).

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Duplicates Redmine - Defect #1071: Wiki/News/Documents truncate contents to 64K in MYSQL Closed 2008-04-17


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Closed as a duplicate of issue #1071.

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