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{{toc}} macro doesn't get headers from {{include}}d pages

Added by Alvaro Herrera about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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The TOC as created by the {{toc}} macro doesn't render headers contained within {{ include }} pages. This means that you can't use the included page as a self-contained identity, because then it wouldn't appear in the TOC in the main page it gets included in.

What I was doing was partition a large document into subpieces, and then include each subpiece using {{ include }}. However this means the {{toc}} stops working properly.

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#1 Updated by Jean-Baptiste Barth about 8 years ago

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I close this one as duplicate, see #3707.
If you want to help please avoid to copy/paste so long wiki pages, it's pretty difficult to read... Thank you for reporting

#2 Updated by Alvaro Herrera about 8 years ago

I didn't copy/paste any page -- I just used the problematic macro (brace-brace-include-closebrace-closebrace). It seems the wiki formatting expanded it into the initial page of this wiki. Sorry for the noise.

I note that I didn't find #3707 because it's not correctly categorized.

#3 Updated by Mischa The Evil about 8 years ago

Fixed the issue-description and added correct issue-relation to #3707.

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