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New button : "Submit modification without notification"

Added by Jérôme BATAILLE over 6 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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This is a new toogle link called Submit without modification (like in the stealth plugin).
When toggled any modification submited will not send notifications to the users concerned by the ticket.

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#1 Updated by Jérôme BATAILLE over 6 years ago

We have developped this feature in our company.
Perhaps this feature asks for a new role permission.

If the community is interrested in it, we will provide a patch.

#2 Updated by Stephen Curran over 6 years ago

I'd be very interested in that - we came up with that same idea for a solution to the main Redmine issue we are having.

We have been running with Redmine for about a month and we really like getting all the conversations out of email (where they used to be) and into Redmine where they are centralized and searchable. However, to do that we have to have email notifications on, but far too many of the messages from the system are not interesting to most users and as a result, they may miss the important ones. If we could have the sender decide when they want others to see an issue update on a update by update basis, it would greatly improve the signal to noise ratio.

If you can send the patch, we'd definitely take a look at it.


#3 Updated by Marek Hulan about 6 years ago

I'd appreciate this patch very much. Please upload it.

#4 Updated by Jérôme BATAILLE about 5 years ago

Hi, we add no time to develop the plugin.

But you should look this plugin that works very well :

#5 Updated by Miodrag Milic 11 months ago

Redmine stealth is great but this should really be part of Redmine itself.

It would be way more practical that with adequate permission there is a [Submit Without Notifications] button when editing issues, along with global notification turn on/off. 2 cases of usage would be covered:

  • Batch update of number of issues in stealth mode - this is now possible with redmine stealth. Also, it would be good to have [disable notifcations for N minutes] - when my admins are in the batch mode they frequently forget to turn notifications on after they finish.
  • Acute update of one issue (setting little stuff such as correcting typos, adding issue category and other little things that may not deserve notification spam)

#6 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA 10 months ago

  • Category changed from Issues to Email notifications
  • Assignee deleted (Jean-Philippe Lang)

#7 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA 10 months ago

  • Duplicated by Feature #14470: Standard implementation of redmine 'stealth mode' added

#8 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA 10 months ago

#9 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA 10 months ago

  • Related to Feature #5798: Bulk Notification Update or Combing Bulk Update Notification into one Email added

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