Redmine web site migration

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

As you may have noticed, has been having some performance issues, causing some requests to time out and users to receive 500 errors.
The old server on which was running will be upgraded in the next few days and has just been moved to a temporary server that should handle the load.

Please, let me know if you experience any problems.


Added by Sergej Jegorov over 9 years ago

Single file 'View differences' don't work for me in Repository

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

It's a bug, I've fixed in r1325. Thanks for pointing out.

Added by Jonathan Monahan over 9 years ago

I find that is still unavailable quite often...

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

Indeed. has just moved to its new host.

Added by Calvin Cheng over 9 years ago


Could you share with us which webserver did you move redmine to?

I moved to passenger (mod_rails on apache) because mongrels on apache gave me a lot of headache on a regular basis.


Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 9 years ago

Currently: apache2+fcgid for www and apache2+mod_rails for the demo.