Redmine book by Go Maeda published

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

I am pleased to announce that a Redmine book was published 2 days ago in Japan.
It's written (in Japanese) by Go Maeda, the maintainer of

You can find more information on the publisher's web site (Shuwa System Co., Ltd.):


Added by youngseok yi over 9 years ago

Hope this book lead latent users to the redmine easily.

Added by Nick Read over 9 years ago

Wow! It seems like only yesterday that Redmine started :)

Well done.

Added by Dong Wang over 9 years ago


Added by Sebastian Kopf over 9 years ago

I would be happy to buy a translated version!

Added by Jerome Vanthournout over 9 years ago


Do you know if an English version is planned ?

Added by Deepak Khare almost 7 years ago


Any idea when will be English version available in market?