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A common libs

Redmine plugin which optionally enables inclusion of common libraries (twitter bootstrap, select2, highcharts, etc.)

For better appearance we recommend to use thi...

By Team



A luxury buttons

«Luxury buttons» — is a plugin for the issue tracker «Redmine». Plugin provides a user-friendly interface for issue editing and allows you to customize the lifecycles of issues.

p{margin: 5px; font-size: 15pt; display: block; background...

By Vladimir Pitin



A4 WebsiteScreenshot

What is website screenshot:

When QA report a bug or support follow up a task, it is very common we need work base on one URL and we need to see the screenshot of it as well. In this case, we need click the link and go to that website. We use Web...

By Page Images



Add Subversion Links

Redmine Add Subversion Links plugin



This plugin adds links to the original Subversion repository in the following pages....

By Masamitsu Murase



Add Watchers Textinput

This is a plugin that replaces the checkboxes for adding watchers with a nice, tokenized text input with autocomplete. The pages that are modified are the "Add new issue" page and "Edit watchers" (on existing issue) popup.

I installed Redmine at my ...

By Alvin Chow



Admine Monitor

Few things are worse than seeing a "Something went wrong" 500 error on your production application.
This plugin will monitor and persist all Redmine's internal errors (underhanded exceptions) and display it for your review.
it will also do:
1) capt...

By yossi edri



Advanced Drag&Drop Gantt

Advanced Gantt helps you to plan and manage complex projects with a lot of tasks, subtasks and even task relations.
Core features of this drag & drop Gantt are:
  • Drag & Drop editing of task's due date and realization time
  • Quick new task creation

By Petr Pospisil



Advanced Help Desk

Complex support & customer care solution for Redmine.

Help Desk Key Features:

  • Tickets from e-mail or from simplified portal for clients
  • Infinite number of mailboxes for processing (support POP + IMAP)
  • Infinite number of support proje...

By Petr Pospisil



Advanced Roadmap v2

The Advanced Roadmap v2 plugin for Redmine is a plugin that allows to:

  1. Show more information into the Roadmap view:
    • A total for the roadmap is displayed, so you can easily check the whole project status.
    • Each version has more info about th...

By Michel Loiseleur



Advertising (Reklama)

It's a very simple contextual advertising plugin for Redmine adding small advertisements to the side bar. Advertisements contain heading and text and may optionally contain image.

By Andriy Lesyuk


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