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Eric Davis, 2010-08-18 00:54
Adding Planio services from Jan Schulz-Hofen (via email)

Commercial Offerings

This page lists several commercial offerings that may be of interest to the community. Each business/advertiser can post one item per section in alphabetical order with:

  • 1 link to their service
  • 1 link to a detailed forum thread on about their service
  • 1 link to the account for the service
  • Short description of the service (30-40 words)

(To be added to this list, contact Eric Davis by email with your entry.)

Custom Development

  • Little Stream Software has provided custom development for Redmine since 2007 and has developed nearly 100 Redmine plugins for it's clients. It's run by Eric Davis, a Redmine contributor and plugin author.
  • Planio Redmine Hosting provides custom development services for Redmine with custom plugins, enterprise application integration, themes, etc. Customized versions can run on the Planio Enterprise plan or in our clients' data centers on-premise. Please contact Jan Schulz-Hofen to get a quote.

Hosting and Hosted versions (Software As A Service)

  • Planio Redmine Hosting is a Redmine hosting service which comes with hosted Subversion (SVN) and Git repositories. Planio runs on servers with certified security in a high-performance data center with multiple redundant uplinks. There is a free plan, paid plans start at €9 / month. Announcement thread
  • See Project Run is a hosted software as a service application that is built on Redmine that is optimized for how freelancers run their projects. Created by Eric Davis, Redmine contributor and plugin author. Announcement thread
  • TaskPoint - is online project management and collaboration solution build on top of Redmine and optimized for small and medium size business. Formerly known as PMP HQ it was named #9 in best online project management tools by


  • Little Stream Software has provided private Redmine support for it's custom development clients since 2008 and is now accepting new support clients. It's run by Eric Davis, a Redmine contributor and plugin author.
  • The Planio Redmine Hosting team offers Redmine support not only on Planio hosted instances, but has services and training for third-party hosted Redmine provided locally in Europe (English, German, and French spoken), as well as via the phone and remote desktop/remote hands.