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Chaoqun Zou, 2008-08-14 16:02

ezFAQ Plugin (current version 0.0.2)

A FAQ management plugin to collect the frequently asked questions.
Using ezFAQ, you can add a question, assign someone to answer it, or modify the answer, ezFAQ will record each modifications. ezFAQ will send notify email to the author and the assigned user.

Futher more, ezFAQ can generate a pdf document of all the valid FAQs(version 0.0.3).

It can be downloaded from github:


To install from git:

(Git Version < 1.5.3)

cd {RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins
git clone git://

(Git Version >= 1.5.3 -- Because the "git-rails" gem uses Git Submodules introduced in ver. 1.5.3)

gem install git-rails
git-rails install git://

Plugin setup

1. Install will_paginate gem

gem install will_paginate

2. Add will_paginate to the last of enviroment.rb

require 'will_paginate'

3. Install the plugin as described here (this plugin requires migration).

4. Copy the plugin directory(ezfaq_plugin) into the vendor/plugins directory

5. Migrate plugin:

rake db:migrate_plugins

6. Start Redmine

7. In your project in Redmine, go to "Project settings" : On the "Modules" tab, enable the module by checking "Ezfaq".

Using ezFAQ

  1. Registered users can add new faqs by click the 'New FAQ' link.
  2. Privileged users can modify faqs, modify faq categories by click the appropriate link.
  3. Privileged users can modify the FAQ list's note which will be displayed before the list and exported to the pdf document.
  4. When a faq is created and assigned to someone, the assigned user will receive a notify email to complete the answer.

ezfaq_tn.png (20.2 KB) Chaoqun Zou, 2008-08-11 16:22

ezfaq.png (117 KB) Chaoqun Zou, 2008-08-11 16:22

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