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19:00 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Error crontab witch Redmine-Bitnami
I think this is a typical issue that many people encounter.
It happens because environment variables aren't set in c...


17:53 Redmine Feature #10412: Target version filter shoud group versions by status
+1 Robert's idea is good!


18:18 Redmine Feature #22026: Conditional custom fields
Dipan Mehta wrote:
> The case listed in the description is indeed very relevant. However, in my view - the most simp...


17:18 Redmine Feature #22026: Conditional custom fields
Okay, I'll try...
Conditional custom fields can be made by following procedure.
(1) Pre-condition
Custom Filed...
15:28 Redmine Feature #22026: Conditional custom fields
Let me introduce that redmine-view-customize plugin could help the requirement.
Please refer to the following blog. ...


04:32 Redmine Feature #11361: Custom Field Groups, and User Specific Fields
+1 If this feature is implemented, it is possible for me to apply various situations.


17:59 Redmine Open discussion: Looking for Local Redmine Community
Hi, redmine.org community!
I'm Hidehisa Matsutani, a staff member of redmine.tokyo, Japan.
We, redmine.tokyo ar...


15:35 Redmine Feature #22173: xls export with issue URL
This is not a redmine feature but the alternative is that
you can edit an cell like '@=HYPERLINK("http://path/to/re...


08:34 Redmine Feature #22140: Add date-time to custom fields datatypes
When I need it, I use text formatted custom fields designating regular expression like '^\d+\/\d+\/\d+ \d+:\d+'.
08:21 Redmine Feature #22026: Conditional custom fields

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