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11:07 Redmine Defect #29742 (Closed): Conflict with rights and roles.
In our tracker we have 2 typical roles: 'Participant' and 'Developer'.
Role 'Participant' have rights for reading an...


13:57 Redmine Feature #3058: Show issue history using tabs
Here is a fixed version of the patch. While viewing the repository entries, there was some problem - Tabs didn't open...
11:25 Redmine Patch #26359: User linking by id ("user:74")
Mischa The Evil wrote:
> I don't get it. What does your patch add in contrast to what is already supported? As of Re...


15:41 Redmine Patch #26359 (Closed): User linking by id ("user:74")
I think this feature won't hurt.
So now you can type:...
15:20 Redmine Patch #24005: Settings to accept 0 hours time entries and for maximum hours per user and day
César Lizurey wrote:
> Personally, I don't agree because I need:
> * for the moment, "0" hour because I use custom ...


16:24 Redmine Patch #26180: Change Russian translation for "Estimated time"
As Vasili Korol said: "Оценка временных затрат" and "Общая оценка временных затрат".


13:35 Redmine Patch #26180: Change Russian translation for "Estimated time"
I agree with previous speaker. Current translation is a bit inaccurate. I suggest using the following option "Оценка ...


16:05 Redmine Feature #25721: Project Issues Sequence Number
You can do it, in your redmine instance. By adding custom field to project, and writing code to automatically push id...


15:36 Redmine Patch #25066: Sort order with null placement (NULLS FIRST, NULLS LAST)
Would someone review this feature?


13:12 Redmine Patch #25139: Project link on issues list, now redirects to project specific issues
I think it's way more useful than redirecting to project overview page.

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