Arnaud Lesauvage

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16:04 Redmine Feature #5754: Allow addition of watchers via bulk edit context menu


11:30 Redmine Feature #7239 (Closed): Allow some users to add / edit time entries on behalf of other users
In our company, some users are not responsible for entering there spent time entries. The project manager does it for...


16:57 Redmine Feature #3848: Permission to log time for another user
I'm very interested in this patch. Is the patch submitted by Oleg still working ?
We are running redmine against tru...


12:04 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
Thomas Pihl wrote:
> Arnaud Lesauvage wrote:
> > I can see how to add a new subtask, but I haven't found a way to a...


10:39 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
I can see how to add a new subtask, but I haven't found a way to add a parent/child relation between existing tasks.
10:34 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
The redmine_subtasks plugin is not reversible, but I successfully removed it with no problem (for the moment at least...


17:18 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
Wow, 443 closed ?! That's excellent news !
Now, we've been giving Aleksei Gusev's plugin a try, how can we remove ...


14:54 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
Just a question :
I have aleksei's plugin installed on redmine trunk (Redmine 0.8.7.devel.3076 for the moment).


11:41 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
Andrew Chaika wrote:
> I have a feeling that this feature will be in 1.0 version
I can't see anything about subta...


09:22 Redmine Plugins: RE: Ticket grouping plugin
Andrew Rudenko wrote:
> Got an error when execute command:
> ...

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