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18:50 Redmine Help: "Overwriting existing method" log messages

I have these log messages repeated for once in 5 secs. Is this something to worry or just info logs? I have no...


13:07 Redmine Patch #14318: Watchers Alerted To Changes But Cannot See Issues (potentially)
Can we extend this patch for private projects too?
This patch seems work only on public projects.


15:04 Redmine Plugins: A recent plugin to sync between LDAP and custom fields/groups
Since redmine_ldap_sync plugin is no more maintained, I would like to know that what kind of solutions you are using ...


13:36 Redmine Help: Automatically set spent time of an issue starting from Open to Fixed ?
I want make automatically set spent time of an issue by calculating life span of an issue starting from Open to ...


15:22 Redmine Help: View/follow own issue even if issue moves to a private project
I have a problem related with moving issues between public and private projects on my Helpdesk. I'm trying make issue...


14:09 Redmine Help: How dynamically change "Assignee" by changing "Project" of the issue?
I need to dynamically adjust assignee of the issue when changing project of the issue. I was able to do this at a tes...

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