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18:48 Redmine Feature #1767: Make spent time - & project custom fields configurable/switchable per project


19:38 Redmine Feature #11707 (New): Moving comments/files from one issue to another
Sometimes we need to merge some aspects of an open issue to another. It would be nice if we could move some comments ...
17:59 Redmine Feature #11705 (Closed): Project based theme or color selection
It would be nice if you could select a different theme (or a color of that theme) for each project.
One practical ...


18:07 Redmine Feature #11702: Add user/group to multiple projects at once
Sorry for the "big font" paragraph, I hit h1 by accident and can't seem to edit it now :(.
I'd be happy if someone...
18:06 Redmine Feature #11702 (Closed): Add user/group to multiple projects at once
Adding a user to multiple projects in the administration is only done per project. I'd like to see a UI to easily add...


18:36 Redmine Help: Distinguishing public and private projects?
Is there some indicator that I can enable that would tell the user that this project is private or public?
When us...


08:35 Redmine Help: How can I set the default authentication mode and timezone for a new created user?
When I create a new user with the page,
There are some defaults the...


18:07 Redmine Feature #5450: Move wiki page to other project
I second this feature too.


09:29 Redmine Help: RE: Parent project in the mailer template
I need to add parent issue details to the mail template too.
Any pointers?


11:52 Redmine Feature #10010 (New): Setting e-mail notifications globally project based
It could be nice if we could set e-mail notification per project globally, not just user based.
There could also b...

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