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08:34 Redmine Defect #6324: requires_redmine_plugin should defer loading plugins if not all dependencies are met
Following approach is simple and does work. Applied in my_plugin's init.rb to check a dependency dependency_plugin.


12:30 Redmine Defect #19464 (Closed): Possible to log time on project without time tracking
How to reproduce:
* go to /my/page
* add the "Spent time" block
* click "Log time"
* issue autocompletion shows...


10:06 Redmine Plugins: RE: Smart issues sort plugin
@Muditha, @Andrew, have you run "rake redmine:plugins:process_version_change"?
This is required by views_revisions p...


16:36 Redmine Feature #5864: Regex Text on Receiver Email
Thank you for this life saving patch, the plugin works like a charm!


18:01 Redmine Feature #16141 (New): View hook for issue queries
For my plugin I need a new hook for the contextual menu in issues view.
This will allow to add further operations on...
13:41 Redmine Feature #3967: Ability to define default columns to display based on project


10:57 Redmine Feature #9412: Drag and Drop Issues to Set Parent-Child Relationships


16:53 Redmine Feature #7360: Issue Custom Query: Default Query


16:33 Redmine Patch #16002 (Resolved): Assigned-to-my-group css corrupts user.groups association cache
Solved in r12844.
Related to hidden issue (private?) #16038
16:24 Redmine Patch #16042 (New): Nicer overview boxes
Reformatting some entries in the project overview to display as nice boxes.
Subprojects list is refactored as a ta...

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