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Hey everyone,

I was quite surprised to not find anything on this in the forums or the wiki/faq...: I am looking for a way to display the unit test results in redmine. The only thread that I found concerning this topic is the proposal by Jens:
He seems to be planning something rather complex, for me it would suffice if I was able to simply display the results. How are you doing this? (or is nobody doing this? I can't believe that!)

I am currently running a Hudson CI that compiles and runs the unit tests (and generates docs and so on) whenever I push something to my git repo. In Hudson, I can look at the results. I would prefer, however, to have the unit tests with all the other stuff in redmine, since I hate to have this stuff split up in two different places.
I am currently using Google Test Unit tests, because they generate JUnit compatible xml files. I was thinking one could just use the embedded plugin to load the hudson page into redmine, but embedded appears to be quite limited: Am I right in that one can only define ONE tab, that links to ONE folder on a server, and select ONE template? I am currently using it to display my Doxygen docs, but it would be really nice if there was a little more flexible handling: multiple tabs, each linking to a different folder/url, which can be enabled and disabled separately for each project. Would that not make a lot more sense?

Then there is the hudson integration, but it only seems to be able to display jobs and allow you to run them - then there is a link to the job url, but when I click it it doesn't work, because it then simply puts the url "localhost:8080" in the addressbar, which doesnt work because both hudson and redmine run on a remote server. Even if it was working, the unit tests would not really be integrated, but I would just have a link pointing me to hudson again...

So what are your solutions? Anyone doing something alike already? Sure I am not the only one who could use that?

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RE: Unit Test Reports - Added by Tom Clarkson about 13 years ago

I ran into the same problem and wrote some code to convert tests to issues and upload them with the REST API: