Moving Redmine from server to server

Added by R S almost 16 years ago


I have a local installation of redmine and I would like to move it to another server without losing any data. How would I do this?

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RE: Moving Redmine from server to server - Added by Mat Schaffer almost 16 years ago

That's more a question of moving the database, which depends on what database you're using (sqlite would just be copying a file, mysql would be a mysql_dump operation, etc...). Migrating the app and files should just be a basic file copy.

The easiest situation would be to take the current instance down while you're moving data over. Then you don't have to worry about people posting while you're migrating.

Hope that helps!

RE: Moving Redmine from server to server - Added by John Reynolds almost 16 years ago

I did this recently.

  1. Backup your mysql database, restore to new one.
  2. Ensure your new mysql user/pass are the same as the old.
  3. Install redmine on new machine (this totally depends on what you're on - I'm the freak on WinXP with InstantRails, so things are easy).
  4. Copy over your <distro>/files to the new server so your attachments come over.
  5. If you have a new mail server, etc - be sure to change the config files.

Basically use this RedmineUpgrade and you should be fine.