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Added by Sebastian Cabot about 14 years ago


First I want to thank everyone involved for this great product.

I posted two issues in the redmine repository about a month ago. One is a bug report and the other a feature request. Both issues still have the status as new and nobody even commented on them. I realize the the developers of redmine are probably very busy how ever I would have expected at least some kind of feedback. If not for the feature request then at least for the bug report.

How does it work? What are the time frames for acknowledging new issues?

Thanks again

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RE: Question about issues - Added by Felix Schäfer about 14 years ago

Hello Sebastian,

1. There is little chance you will find an answer from the devs on the forums, as the forums are provided as a communication means for the community, not to communicate with the devs, most of which don't even come here that much.
2. It takes the time it takes for processing, i.e. if you can convince a dev the issue/feature is important, it might get processed faster. Another means to speed things up is to provide a patch ;-)

RE: Question about issues - Added by Sebastian Cabot about 14 years ago


Thanks for the reply.

If that's the way it is then that's the way it is. I'm not a ruby guy and don't have enough spare time to invest with it. So unfortunately I will not be able to provide patches.

I will just wait for the issues to be processed. If by any chance any developer does read this the they should know that slow response time will discourage the community to report problems. I think issues should at least be read and prioritized as soon as possible.

And maybe it's just whining by my part... :)